The Irritating Aunty’s Story.

Hey! So sorry I haven’t been regular. But I promise I’m gonna be more regular from now on.Here’s a short story with a sweet message. Do read and comment below if you enjoy it!  They said internet freinds are dangerous. But I refused to believe. They warned me, Taunted me, Reprimanded me.But I didn’t care….

Dark Nights

It’s hard to fight when you’re at war with yourself, It’s hard to fight when you start to hate yourself, It’s hard to fight in these dark nights when you know that all you have is yourself, yet you choose to be the rebel and fight through, in these dark nights to hurt your soul….

Are you seriously frowning for something that won’t matter?

I was upset about something last month. It caused me a lot of stress and I was positive that my behaviour had changed too. I usually quietly bear the stress, or any unpleasant feeling, for that matter, and cry it out or find some other way to let it out. I don’t generally talk to…