Random #1


Some days are just so weird.

You feel good for a moment and then everything starts turning dark.
Then the scariest thing happens.
Your feelings start fading.

You suddenly have this weird emptyness that prevents you from crying, fuming or showing literally any emotion

Why does this happen?

Why do we get so weak
So vulnerable, all of a sudden?

We don’t.
It’s not sudden
It’s been something building in us for a while which transforms into something scary


Everything, every emotion surrenders to it.
You try hard to feel something.. anything!
But you just can’t.
You can’t bring yourself to care about anything anymore.

Life becomes annoyingly peaceful though.
And why wouldn’t it?
You finally don’t feel anything
You don’t bother about anything anymore. Isn’t that the ultimate wish we all have?

I wonder if it’s a phase that just comes in every few days
Or it’s something that stays inside us forever, occasionally allowing small bursts of happiness, before snatching that away too.

It’s evil though
In the little bursts of happiness that we have in between the ’empty periods’, we start believing.

I start believing.

I start believing in people. In friends. In destiny. And the scariest of all…in myself.

And then the story repeats
Then the feelings fade… emptyness returns and everything seems meaningless.
Everything fades. 
Everything returns back to normal.
Emptyness becomes my new normal.. again.

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