Is ignorance really bliss?


Is ignorance really bliss?

I used to have the opinion that not knowing something is disastrous and the more you have knowledge and information, the more you grow and the better choices you make

But I was recently wondering, that maybe if I didn’t know certain things, I’d live a happier life.

For example- As a kid, I never reallly knew that ‘body-shaming’ is a thing.

But as I entered teenage, I was introduced to this terminology and I realised that being fat is a problem in the society.

I was grateful to learn a little bit more about how the society works.

But I was disheartened at the same time and lost some confidence

Don’t get me wrong, I was still a badass xD

But I started hesitating in things which seemed inappropriate’ for fat people.

So I got to thinking that maybe, in some ways, ignorance really is bliss.
But that’s of course, not always true!

Upon pondering over this, I realised that-

Knowledge is power and yes, sometimes knowing stuff can be harmful for our mental health

But the bliss and the contentment we experience upon overcoming that Insecurity or the fear of judgment

Is a lot more significant and meaningful than being ignorant and living an oblivious life

Would love to know your perspective on this topic ❤️

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