Do elder Siblings influence the wrong decisions taken by Younger kids?

They say, the elder siblings influence younger siblings.
And that’s absolutely true.

But this fact, in no way means that we can blame the elder sibling for shortcomings or mistakes committed by the younger ones🙄

Maybe the younger kids take certain decisions in the influence of elder kids.

But if that’s the case, then who influences the elder siblings to commit mistakes? 👀


We can’t answer that.

Some mistakes happen, because they’re meant to happen.

We’re meant to learn certain lessons, the hard way.

Younger siblings are usually, very protected and pampered🥰

They see their brothers and sisters grow, and learn from their mistakes.

So they become aware and cautious, for sure.

But that doesn’t suppress the curiousity which ignites in every young mind.

No matter how much you try, the younger child will make mistakes.

But blaming elder siblings is just not right.

It takes a huge mental toll on them to think that they’re the reason why their younger siblings act the way they do.

Ps: I think this topic never gets much attention

The reason being, People consider this pressure on elder siblings to be ‘natural’

What do you think about this?

Are elder siblings truly responsible for the mistakes committed by younger kids?

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