Just another girl, just another rant.

I had a complete breakdown today.

I was trying my level best to avoid reading about the Hathras rape case because I knew, if I read about it, it’d affect me poorly.

And it did. Just like I thought it would.

I unfollowed a ton of news apps and pages on social media.

Yet, somehow I’d always stumble upon one post or the other.

I had to know what this was.

I had to see, how ugly it was this time.

I read the whole case.

I was disgusted and…sort of numb.

Then, since most of my friends were sharing this case on social media, expressing their anger and posting about the pathetic system which allowed people to be ruthless and fearless enough to take lives of young women after brutally torturing, raping, and beating them.

I thought that was the trigger.

But, it wasn’t.

I realized that while this may have contributed, it was a particular post on Instagram (of a tweet by a verified account) which compared the Nirbhaya rape case and the Hathras rape case.

I just lost it as soon as I read that post. I lost all respect for the democracy in this country.

I lost all respect for people trying to politicize the rape of a young, innocent girl who didn’t deserve to die the way she did.

I never cried so hard. I never felt so helpless. So useless.

No matter how much we protest, it’s all pointless.

It’s like the whole thing has become a vicious cycle.

Feminists protest, people with a patriarchal mindset (both men and women) blame the victim. Political parties blame each other. All girls feel unsafe. Lawmakers are questioned and condemned for not having a strict system.

That’s what happens right?

It made me sick to the stomach to read how people actually googled the Priyanka Reddy rape case because they apparently wanted to watch the rape happen.

The girl from Hathras didn’t deserve to die the way she did. She didn’t deserve to go through so much pain just because she was born in a lower caste. She didn’t deserve being doubted and looked down upon by people, post her death for doing – well, nothing.

She didn’t deserve any of this.

But then again, who am I to say all this?

I’m just another girl.

Just another voice- which will ultimately be lost among so many others.

So I’ll just stop. I’ll not vent. I’ll not speak or post about this. Who cares anyway, right?

After all, that’s what every other girl does.

But, before I stop, I really do want people to check themselves.

Don’t post stuff that can trigger victims.

Stop with the blame game.

And most importantly, try not to go numb.

That’s the last thing India needs.

Till then, the best thing I can do is try to revoke some fire, some anger inside myself.

If you’ve read my rant so far,

Thank you.


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