Cheers to everyone who loves Experimentation and Diversification!

Experimenting can sometimes be frustrating. 
I love learning new stuff every single day. In fact, I relish the feeling of being clueless about a field of study and then trying to master it;)
But when you’re surrounded by niche-oriented people who know what they’re doing and are specialists in their field, experimenting feels pointless.
There have been countless times when I wonder that I’m just wasting my time, by trying to diversify my knowledge.
But in the end, I just try to console myself by reminding myself that my diverse and varied knowledge is gonna always provide me an edge over others 😀
So for all of you who are experimenting and trying new things, I want you to know that:
  1. I’m aware LinkedIn is full of niche-oriented people who are thriving in their field – but you DON’T have to be like them. There are still a lot of people who’d love to consume your content, irrespective of your varied interests. 
  2. Being niche-oriented can be great, but many organizations, especially startups, prefer people who have amazing skills and great insight- both of which can be developed through experimentation.
  3. Experimentation might seem fascinating and cool in the beginning, but it gets really hard to not settle down and keep on experimenting, especially when your peers are doing well in their niche-oriented careers. But whenever you feel this way, try to remember the reason why you started experimenting in the first place. 
  4. Since you’re trying new stuff daily (or at least often enough), value your authentic audience. Not many people like diversified content, especially when it’s not coming from a specialist. So value and respect the people who genuinely like your content and support you through your journey.
  5. Liberal education is gonna be the new normal, so there’s no need to fret!
You’ve got this! 

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