A ‘successful’ Industrialist

I have so much fire inside me, but it’s as though, this zeal dies without ever really coming into action. I feel so frustrated. So incredibly annoyed.
I can’t create an impact, not because I don’t have the skills, But because there’s this weird invisible force, stopping me.
This force is something I always knew existed.
But like a volcano, it’s now activated.
The thing is, it activated when I needed my zeal the most.
Having so much energy and not being able to use this energy, just sitting and blankly gazing at the wall, was not my idea of success.
From Always hoping to earn enough to make my family happy, to always craving happiness.
But when did this happen?
How did I fall so deep into this tunnel of unhappiness that I’m unable to pick myself up?
All I see is darkness, all I feel is disgust, all I sense is disappointment.
I actually thought I’m living a successful life. I guess, this is what success means, in the eyes of the society.
After all, this is what I spent all my life chasing.
But, what good is this success when I can’t feel anything?
What good is this success which gets me cash to pay my medical bills but doesn’t make me capable enough to stretch my lips into a smile.
If this is success, then I was better off without it.
Atleast I was alive, back then.
Atleast I had a reason to Live.
~A ‘Successful’ Industrialist

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