What’s done is done.


Everyone has to go through this phase right?

A phase where you think your whole life depends on your one decision?

Well, maybe it does. 

Choosing the road not taken often would make us think of the changes that would’ve been in our life if we chose the rood often taken. 

But just because we think we would’ve been better off in some other place, having made another choice, it doesn’t actually mean we wouldn’t have missed our present. 

What’s the guarantee that we wouldn’t regret, having made another choice? Every single moment, every single day we live, is an opportunity for us to be better versions of ourselves.

Yes, sometimes regret is inevitable. But, the moment we give this regret a leverage over us, we’re going to drown in the never ending cycle of regret and unhappiness. 

Why do that oneself?  

Maybe that other job would’ve made us richer, maybe that other career option was what would make us more qualified, maybe our opportunity costs were actually way to expensive, too much for us to bear. But what about this? Now it’s done. The choices have been made. 

The only thing you can do, right now, is believe in yourself. You have to trust yourself with your choices and think about the reasons why you made them. 

If you keep refining your why, and trusting yourself more than you trust this social system of supposed ‘happiness’ which comes from money, things would surely not seem half as dark and complex as they seem to you. 

You can try to do everything right by making the right choices. But, maybe the choices never had to be right. Maybe the choices just had to be yours. 

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  1. krish says:

    One got to live in the now…self belief and self compassion are what matter most…which push one ahead…..put in your best and make your present as good as you can….

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    1. Arushi says:

      Correct! So glad you get this!


  2. krish says:


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