Varied Passions.


My varied interests haunt me sometimes. ‘Your child is multi-talented’ they said when I was a kid. .

I used to be proud of every little achievement, enthusiastic about every little competition, hungry to possess knowledge and passionate about almost everything I did. .

Childhood was so much easier. .
Less expectations made it easy to just be. To just exist. It made it easier to bring out all my different personalities, which I’ve unknowingly suppressed with time. .

I’m baffled by the change in the attitude of people. .

When did ‘Your child is multi-talented’ become ‘Don’t get involved in so much, do what pays your bills’?

When did interests become something you do when you’re ‘free’ (which is either never or once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing)? .
I was told that I have numerous qualities. I was told that I can be whoever I wanted

But why is it so wrong to be passionate about something normal, Something which might NOT pay my bills. .

This world preached me that doing what I’m good at, is a gift, it’ll take me places which most people can only dream of; yet it’s this very world which obstructs me from doing what I love, what I KNOW, I’m best at. .

And the reason? Because those things don’t pay bills. .

They make us dream of fairytales and cloud our vision, making us believe for a decade and a half of our existence, that we can ‘have it all’, and then suddenly, expect us to be ‘mature’ and think of a valid career option. .
But I’m sick of this hypocrisy.
So, no I won’t think of a valid career option.

I’ll keep experimenting. I’ll keep exploring.
And where does this motivation come from?
It comes from the fact that I KNOW I’m right. I know that there isn’t ONE thing which makes me happy. How can you expect a person who loves to multitask,to be engaged in diverse activities, to just pick a particular passion? The regret of not choosing the other options would kill the poor thing. .
But all of this doesn’t mean that life is awful and unfair.

No, Life isn’t bad, the societal norms are. 

This life is ours and I think we all should just start appreciating every single bit, every second, every minute we have. You don’t have to be a productivity freak, neither do you have to achieve great milestones. All you have to do is, listen to your heart, do what gives you pleasure. Life isn’t the devil here, it’s kind and generous. It keeps giving you opportunities and never-ending second chances.

You just need to take that first step. Stop choosing. Stop shortlisting. Stop draining out all the potential career options to choose one best fit. 

I feel a spark ignite in my heart, every time I see a LinkedIn profile where someone has multiple passions and IS successful. 

It makes me feel as though, there is still hope.

Trust me, the feeling of doing something you always wanted but never actually doing it because you thought it was unattainable?

It’s the best of all💝

Picture source- Pinterest

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  1. BillboardVagabond says:

    Completely identify with the post. I was cut out for something else but had to STRUGGLE to be an engineer. Eventually turned out okay. Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arushi says:

      I’m so glad you could relate!

      Liked by 1 person

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