Book review- We are The Champions

I’ve always been curious as to what people my age do. Now I’m not talking about the teenagers and young adults who just lie about lazily, not doing anything productive. I’m talking about the ones who’re going out there and trying to contribute their bit towards this society.

I read the book, “We are the Champions”, by authors Devendra Tak and Rashmi Bansal
It was one of the most inspiring books I’ve read.
It wasn’t a billionaire’s success story, it wasn’t a motivational book and it surely wasn’t a typical self help novel.
Yet, it left me inspired and extremely motivated to work. Work for my society. To work hard enough to bring about a change in the society. To educate people, help them liberate.

This book has 15 short stories of young individuals (mostly teenagers), who go against the norm, and make a better life for themselves and others stuck in similar situations.

There were times when my heart would break upon reading the haunting experiences these people had to go through. Cases of human trafficking, injustice and gender inequality were the hardest to read. But ironically, it was equally hard for me to put the book down. Each story had my full attention and it felt almost personal while reading each of them.

One of the most inspiring stories was of a 16 year old boy, named Mohammad Hasnain Lone.
The way he took baby steps to help liberate and save the youth of Kashmir from falling into the trap of drug addiction and theft, was remarkable!
Another story which touched my heart was the first story of this book itself.

It was a story of a young, woman named Anoyara who was trafficked and abused. In fact, in one such incident, those men threw hot water at her, and who another girl (who was trafficked too) tried to save her, was brutally beaten up for the same. Seeing this, Anoyara was shaken up. This whole incident affected her so much that once rescued, she took a strong resolve to expose those men, and help every other child who is trafficked in a similar manner.

These stories melted my heart and left me awe-struck. It’s just so unbelievably amazing that these people who’re just like me have had so many struggles, so early on in life.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to know where the youth of India is headed!

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