The “fake” girl. 


Yes, that’s the word. That’s exactly what people call me behind my, thinking that I’m oblivious to it.

 Usually, I shrug it off, knowing that they don’t know me personally, but I’m only human, it’s tough for me to avoid the hurt forever. 

Sometimes, I just desperately want people to know that just because I don’t like hurting someone’s feelings, it doesn’t mean I’m fake. 

No, I’m not straightforward, but I’m not a liar either!

Instead of saying 

“Your outfit looks horrible”

I prefer to say

“I think you might wanna change that outfit, but it’s totally your call”

Is it so bad to be a little polite. Is it so wrong to be a little kind?

I used to be upset over my inability to be straightforward and state things as they are, without filter. But I cannot be that person!

I tried being someone you call “blunt”, and the results? I became the rudest, Bossiet and most incorrigible human In the eyes of many people, I valued. I hated that.

But, I hated myself more than ever. I felt this weird knot in my stomach, almost nauseous, everytime I was rude to someone.

My “new personality” didn’t last for long, though. But after months of self reflection and introspection, I’m now in a good place.  

I no longer worry about being called names. I know myself. I know what my intentions are. If a little politeness is so hard to digest for some people, then they have a problem. I don’t. 

My values, my beliefs, my personality as a whole, is what defines me, and if people can’t except that then, to be honest, I don’t care anymore; for I know, that proving myself is only going to waste my time. They can think all they want. I don’t have to prove someone that I’m genuine.

But one thing I would want anyone reading this post to do, is, before calling someone “fake” just think twice, maybe that person isn’t being fake, maybe they’re trying to save you from hurting, and if you treat them poorly for caring about your feelings, then well,  it’s high time to make some amends.

Picture source- Pinterest

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  1. introseeker says:

    I can relate, I’ve been at the same place and maybe still am struggling. Again, I have accepted being blunt (or so-called “rude”) because I learned that we cannot keep up that “nice” facade forever. Those who are indeed your friends will accept your “rude” side as well as you are not truly rude but real.

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