Simple Emotion


Happiness is such a simple emotion. Yet us humans tend to complicate it.We Make it seem so unachievable, so unattainable. 

The negativity around us lures us, making us only concentrate on it. We get so consumed by this unpleasant emotion that, happiness suddenly becomes a reminiscent memory.

Self pity reduces us to our most pathetic selves. It makes us look at ourselves with pitying eyes, so critically, so disapprovingly, that if feels as though happiness itself is distancing itself from us. 

But life needn’t be so complicated. Life can still be simple. Now, Challenges will come, and for one’s growth, it’s a must that challenges come. But these challenges don’t complicate things. We do.

We make things so complex that our mind tends to focus on all ways things could go wrong. 

But Why would things go wrong, in the first place? 

And what if they do go wrong? 

What’s the problem in that? 

The worst that’s gonna happen is, you’ll be shamed and criticized, right? 

Well, welcome to the real world!

These things are inevitable. No matter, how much you plan, strategize and gain knowledge, It’s never going to be enough to prevent you the hardships of life. 

If you want to reach somewhere, you need to get out of the place you currently are in. And getting out of such a place is going to upset many people. These people will do everything they can to bring you down, they’re going to humiliate you, upset you, make you doubt yourself. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to whine your way through it. It means you got to prioritise your happiness. Happiness over everything else.

Stop looking for happiness. If you look for it, you’ll never find it. Just observe things, and recognise all the abundance you have. Look at everyone who cares about you, look at things you can afford, look at the lessons you’ve learnt. Not everyone gets all of what you have. Start by being grateful, happiness will follow:))

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  1. krish says:

    Well said… being grateful is what most of us miss out on…

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    1. Arushi says:

      True that!


      1. krish says:


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