Feminist #1

To all men who just can’t help themselves, (and people supporting this mentality):
You’ve got needs right? I understand. In fact the whole society understands. You know what? They over-understand it. They understand it so much, that women who share their nudes trusting a guy, who they apparently fell in love with, are disowned from their families. They’re called a “disgrace”.
What about men who ask for nudes? Or rather the men who blackmail women to send nudes.
They say, A guy is lonely, so he copes this way, he’s still got a good heart. But if a girl falls in love and trusts a guy then she’s stupid and naïve. Gotta applaud y’all for the logic👏.
Just because a girl likes a guy, it does Not give him the right to ‘have his way with her’.
Delhi was called the rape capital of india, up till recently (I’m not aware about the current condition, because rape cases are reported literally all over india now). The people of delhi are usually considered to be ‘well off’, ‘educated’ and ‘modern’.
Yet every girl feels unsafe. All the time. There are men who jump into college campuses, men who make nudes of innocent school girls viral, men who sleep with multiple women and claim that the girls they sleep with are sluts (the fucking hypocrisy!)
Oh and the worst part? Men are usually excused when they talk dirty or flirt, but when women do the same, it suddenly become immoral. Here’s the thing guys,
Get it through your thick skull that no amount of flirting is going to ever mean that you can have your way with her. The length of girls’ clothes doesn’t imply shit. If anything, it all refects your mentality. And the guys who think they are heartrobs because they’re charming and sweet in front of girls and talk shit about her to other guys need to be shown a fucking mirror. I can’t really categoize these creatures to be honest. Animals are better than them, they sure as hell aren’t humans, what are they?
Also, people saying “men will be men” need to get their shit together because here’s the thing, being men doesn’t give them the right to creep girls out by stalking them, making them uncomfortable or harassing them.
I’m seriously in a huge dilemma, are men I know actually thinking the same? The sweet texts, the femist support and respect women talk, is it all real?
It’s funny how you can’t even trust the people you think you’ve known all your life.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you!

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  1. Really loved your blog❤️

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