Still growing


When I write, I don’t write to create a mental image of me in your heads. I don’t write to force my ideas upon you all.There are times I write about being productive while procrastinating. There are times when I write about self love and self acceptance, while being the biggest bully of myself.  

You see, many people call this hypocrisy, but is it that? No it’s not. And I’m not saying this because my ego has been punctured, but because the reason why I started writing (in the self help genre) in the first place was to convince myself and others like me, that I’m enough. I wanted this page to be a constant reminder to me and every single human who views this, that we might be self destructive at times, but in the end, all that matters is the way we view ourselves, the way WE think.
I think self love is important and the most essential component in our growth, but I untill recently, was very insecure about my own body (still am, but it’s going away with time;))
So I should technically be sorry if I’m not behaving as per your perceived image of me.
I should feel guilty for not loving myself enough. I should feel upset for not being the version you expect me to be. 
But here’s the thing, You read my posts, but you don’t have to relate to it, you can read it, retain the stuff you like, and move on;)
Every time I post, it’s either about something I passionately believe in (the social issues) or just a gentle reminder to myself:) 
I never said I’ve mastered the art of self love. No I haven’t. Hell I’m not even close, but each day it becomes easier for me to love myself. I’m still growing and I like it this way. I like growing and changing my opinion about myself:))))

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