Youngsters are affected by ageism too


Ageism is real for youngsters too. It’s not just people nearing their 50s and 60s who face ageism, it’s youngsters too. I’ve been asked about my age innumerable times, and while I like to think that I’ve got decent number of experiences as a student, I also think that while I’m looking for opportunities, there are a lot of times where people just underestimate my abilities. It’s seriously painstaking to tell my age to people online, especially the ones who consume my content. 

I thought long and hard, “Why is it that I’m embarrassed of my age? Isn’t this the golden period of my life? The happiest and most peaceful time that I’ll ever experience?”

I pondered over it for a while and then realized that the reason I feel so embarrassed and unwilling to disclose my age, is because I know that the content I create isn’t the genre that interests teenagers (generally), and people expect me to be a wise old soul, not some ruddy teenager! I feel that I need to be a 25 year old to create such content. I feel like I’m somewhat ineligible to create such content..But am I? 

Of course not! I can do whatever the hell I feel like. But since there’s this “timeline” in the society which tells us that there’s a particular age to be mature, a particular age for heartbreaks, a particular age for being beautiful and a god-damned age for being financially independent! it gets really difficult for people to not experience ageism.

No matter how much we deny, in some ways or the other we’re all ageists, and we must stop, for our “little joke” often hurts someone and makes them feel ashamed of their age. 

But age is a beautiful reflection of our journey I’m this world, we don’t have to be ashamed of it. It’s a natural phenomena, it happens to everyone. That uncle laughing his ass off for you being in love at the age of 18 was once 18 too. The 30 year olds laughing at teenage entrepreneurs were once teens too; so instead of sweating about your age (which is anyway, out of your control), try focussing on living your best life, letting things happen naturally in your life, without any age limit. 

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  1. NOVEL PRIDE says:

    Interesting 👌

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  2. Great post-Arushi! Powerful and insightful! I totally agree with your perspective on age. I talked about this in my book “This Is Your Quest” – Age is often an issue in our society. It is not uncommon to be judged just by age alone with the verdict coming in the form of statements such as “sorry you are too young – come back in a few years’ time when you have gained more experience” or “sorry you are too old, we cannot take the risk of taking on board someone of your age”. Age should not matter. Being young or being old should not interfere with your mission in life” if you have the conviction, the energy and the will power to follow your gut feeling and pursue your dream.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Oh my God, I’m so definitely reading your book now! This is something all of us face and people need to stop laughing it off and start actually recognizing “ageism” as another societal loophole🙌

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  3. Thank you Arushi! 😀🙏Welcome on board! I hope you enjoy the read. I deal with a whole range of subjects in my book. It is not for the faint-hearted but I have a feeling that you will enjoy the ride! Make sure to get the 2nd Edition. It is better. I was told Amazon still selling some left over copies of 1st edition 🙄. Kindle version is up to date😀. For 2nd Edition of paper copy best to go directly to my publisher booklocker

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    1. Arushi says:

      Alright, sure thing!


  4. Somebody had to say it! Great post 👍🏻

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    1. Arushi says:

      Haha thanks 😊

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  5. As someone who is active in advocacy against ageism myself, I agree with you. There seems to be an in between “sweet spot,” and unless you’re in that sweet spot, you’re either viewed as too young or too old.

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