Just being there is enough:)


I’m sure that we’ve all been In a situation where we know that our friends need us, but we hesitate to approach them. But have you wondered why is it that we hesitate? Why do we feel “awkward” to approach a person we care about? 

This “awkwardness” is our insecurity, it reflects the uncertainty that lies within us.The insecurity of appearing to be too clingy, or the uncertainty of making things worse by saying the wrong thing, or just being misunderstood. 

I’ve been there too, feeling too much, but not being able to do anything due to these insecurities. Wanting to desperately help a friend but not knowing how. But one thing I’ve realized is, if I keep overthinking my actions and delay, I’ll never feel happy and the fact that I wasn’t there for my friends would upset me as time passes. 

What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll say the wrong thing? Or maybe I’ll not be as helpful as I want to be. But at least they would know that I care. At least they would know I’m there for them in every step, and even though I can’t really help them, I’ll always support them. 

You know, you don’t always have to have a solution, sometimes, the only way in which you can help someone is letting them know that you care💝

Don’t feel obliged to find a solution just because you wanna help someone, just be there for them and you’ll be okay