Only YOU can love Yourself


Have you ever considered that maybe there isn’t another person who can make you feel better? Maybe you don’t really need anyone to love and cherish you?If you start treating yourself with the same care and gentleness that you expect from others, and forget the societal norm of finding “the one”, then you’ll understand that you don’t really need another person to change your life. You actually don’t have to change your life at all. You don’t need a big break, or a life changing situation to be your best version. Just take it easy. Take baby steps and start with small daily goals. Soon enough, you won’t even realize and you’ll be transformed into that person you dreamed of becoming. So, no more self critiquing; no more waiting for societal validations, just know that you’re awesome the way you are, and start accepting the “flaws” that you have. You’ll soon realize that it’s these flaws that make you, YOU.