Learn to Self Validate!


Believe it or not, Most of our actions are done with the motive to create an impression. Now, I know that there are people who could care less about what everyone is thinking, but the majority of us do care.
Well, who doesn’t like attention?
It’s such an overwhelmingly happy feeling. It feels so good to be given attention and be treated like the “smartest” or “coolest” person in the room right?
Well I can’t really disagree with that. Your reaction to attention is completely valid, but the reason why you crave attention in the first place is what you need to ponder about.
You seek attention because you doubt your judgement of yourself. You want to constantly be appreciated. And that’s fine. But this thurst for attention, Sometimes, makes us do stuff we don’t really want to do. In fact, most of the times, you have to become a completely different person to be able to impress people. Trust me, right now, seeking attention, impressing people around you, and being a “cool” person, might seem like a good idea to you. But in the long run, you’ll regret it.
Every time you crack a joke or pick on someone, you first look around to see if people are laughing, if people are impressed by your “charm”. Every time you argue on something trivial, it’s because you want to prove yourself.
But why prove yourself to someone else? Who’re they to determine your worth?
You’ll feel sorry for changing your personality and becoming someone you don’t even recognize. And This is exactly what accompanies self loathing.
Don’t do this to yourself. You can very much feel appreciated by patting yourself on the back and saying a simple “good work” or “keep going”. Become the person you seek validation from, for no one else understands you better than your own self.