Your now need not always carry the burden of your past mistakes.

There are certain mistakes that we all have committed which we’re upset, sad and even ashamed about. But with time the harsh realizations that we can’t do anything to change our past, has not only made us accept our past with resignation, but also made us fearful about the way we spend our present, and dream about our future.

Consequently, as we start getting older, the idea of dreaming high and having ‘unrealistic’ dreams seems absurd. But isn’t that what dreams are all about? Deams aren’t meant to be real. They’re meant to be just that, dreams. But our actions, and work makes them real. So you can go about dreaming every freaking thing. It may or may not come true, but if you don’t have the courage to dream, then it sure as hell isn’t coming true. After all, How can you create something that you never thought of? Don’t let your actions be limited to the version of yourself that everyone (your peers) have made you believe in. Trust in your dreams and yourself more than the people who’re asking you to be ‘realistic’.

Stop carrying the burden of the blunders of your past, because no matter how much you resent them, you can’t always control everything in your life. So, if you think that by not taking a risk again, you can save your face, or prevent embarrassment and failure, then you’re far from right. Because no matter how much you loathe it, you’ll feel this way again at some point. You’ll feel disappointed and embarassed again, no matter how much you protect yourself from it.

How am I so sure? It’s because we’re humans. And humans need to make mistakes to understand certain lessons:) Stop being so overly protective of yourself and start to see yourself in another light. Start to live the way you dreamt of living and instead of worrying rejection and failure again, learn to start afresh. As much as a new year helps, you don’t always need a new year to make resolutions and start your life afresh.

The minute you realise that you don’t need to live in self pity and that you only live once, you can start afresh, without caring about the time, Day, or month of the year. Accepting our past mistakes is something we all somehow learn to do. But not many people can stop the urge to ‘play safe’ the next time. And that’s what you gotta work on. After all, if playing safe was the key to achieve all dreams, then being a billionaire or an inventor wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But since it IS a big deal, and you wanna get there, you need to stop whining about your past, and start living in your present.

Image source- Pinterest