Your own timeline.

Hey there!

Before I start, I wanna ask one question to y’all.

Have you felt hurt or jealous because your friends are ahead of you (AND I NEED HONEST ANSWERS!) ?

If you honestly think, even a tiny bit “yes” then you’re at the right place.

If you ever felt jealous of anyone, its because you feel insufficient. You feel as though you don’t have enough. It can be for materialistic things like a car/bungalow or maybe non materialistic stuff like respect/love etc. But you know what? I believe that being jealous is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

You must be wondering, “Why? After all being jealous is normal right?”

By being jealous, you’re actually giving your mind negativity. A ton of negativity. This will slowly make your thinking negative and instead of being all enthusiastic, you start procrastinating and spending a lot more time (than you realize) thinking about your “peers”, instead of actually working for your goals.

The timeline and societal standards we are asked to live up to, are all useless. If you ever want anything in you’re life then stop caring about what people say. Because they’re always gonna say stuff about you, that you might not always appreciate. Besides we all live in different circumstances, even if you’re twins, you still have differences. The members of the same family have their own individual opinions even through they have blood relations; Then how on earth can you compare yourself to your peers? They live in different circumstances, avail different opportunities and face different challenges. You practically know nothing about your so called “peers”. You all have differences and yet you compete with each other.

You live in your own timeline and you’re not supposed to follow any other timeline which the society has set up.

There’s no need to be disappointed or jealous because your friends or peers are ahead of you because you know nothing about them even if they claim to be transparent and tell you everything. There are living in their circumstances and timeline and you’re living in yours.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is so true 💯👌

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks man! I think you understand it well though. Right? 😀


    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks. (ikr)😁

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  2. I agree. I think bc of social media that it compounds the need to compare yourself w/ others. It’s best to just work on yourself and you’ll get to where you need to be.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Totally agreed, I really appreciate that you get my mindset!

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  3. Anita Bacha says:

    It’s always a pleasure reading you Arushi.

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    1. Arushi says:

      I’m glad you feel that way! 😍


  4. Great words of wisdom!

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  5. RPR says:

    😛 hmm got it

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    1. Arushi says:

      haha, I’m glad:)


  6. So true friend.
    Even I am writing a poem on peer pressure and it’s something which I felt, I saw people feeling it.
    We just compare our life cards with that of the others, and think like what others will think about us if we do or doesn’t do something. At the end, we need to see our circumstances first and then compare.
    Beautifully penned.

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