The phase will pass:))

The dark times, or the times when you feel entirely hopeless are THERE.
Get away from anyone who thinks that there isn’t a whole time period when you feel upset. It can last for weeks, or might be for just a few hours. But that pathetic desperation to help yourself and get over whatever it is, making you feel low is what adds to our sour mood. .
Being a perfectionist and having it all under control might be your first instinct, but if you just prepare yourself for some unforeseeable ups and downs, then it might just get better.
Being cool and composed doesn’t automatically imply that you never feel unnerved or upset.
Your basic nature can be anything, but those days, when your feelings control you, and you’re just out of it, exist. So it’s better to cry it out, or vent it out in any damned form you can, instead of constantly worrying about “why” are YOU feeling what you’re feeling. .
Just wait for the phase to pass sometimes. Let the thoughts and emotions flow, without really caring about any of it. Give yourself pep talks about how this isn’t who you really are and it’s just a phase.
Just know that everything isn’t in your control and things WILL be out of order and completely unexpected sometimes. Let it unnerve you, and let yourself be vulnerable. Just trust the process and believe that this phase will go:)