A Tribute

As a kid, My ears were immune to compliments and never in my wildest dreams did I ever want to just ‘blend in the crowd’. My parents always told me that I was unique; they told me that I am extraordinary and I’m considered as one of the brightest kids of my age. I readily believed them. But coming back to India and having to compete with so many children having varying talents, made me question my own self worth. Back when I was studying in Dubai, I never struggled with academics. I was considered a star achiever and an all rounder. So Seeing this unusual and sudden fall in my grades, my mother forced me to join a tuition. I was reluctant at first, But my tuition teacher was so patient with me and so incredibly kind, that I started loving maths and science. I used to stay for hours, even after the tuition was officially dismissed. Some people thought of me as a ‘nerd’ and to be honest I liked my new reputation of a studious child. I remember rushing to her house as soon as I received a scholar badge to show her how capable she made me. I don’t consider myself a prodigy or a topper, but I now believe in my abilities. I now know that I can make anything happen if I can become a star performer from being average. To many people it’s not a big deal, but to me, it’s my greatest achievement! I’ll be forever grateful for having such a splendid teacher, who believed in me more than I believed in myself.

I wrote this post a while back under the Pareeksha par charcha campaign of the government of India. .
Even though my mentality has changed a little, and I don’t pay much heed to marks, and academics now, yet I believe that this story was a great way to pay tribute to the person who helped me achieve my dream of being a decent student in academics. It’s obviously no longer my dream, but at one point it was. Achieving that milestone made me ecstatic back then but I never got the opportunity to share this experience with anyone. So cheers to the one person who helped me live my dream as a kid:)

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