The Irritating Aunty’s Story.

Hey! So sorry I haven’t been regular. But I promise I’m gonna be more regular from now on.
Here’s a short story with a sweet message. Do read and comment below if you enjoy it! 

They said internet freinds are dangerous. But I refused to believe.

They warned me, Taunted me, Reprimanded me.
But I didn’t care. I just knew that this friendship was something special. It wasn’t like my regular friendships, though. I felt extremely comfortable and happy while talking to him.
He was such a darling to me, making me feel happy, loved, annoyed too at times, but mostly, at peace.

A few months went by and we became buddies. Always talking and chatting. I was addicted to my phone, not because I couldn’t live without the damned thing, but because it connected me to him. In this generation, when people only care about materialistic features, he cared about me. He cared about my soul. His passionate feelings for me made me rethink, if it was still just friendship?

I was confused. But too ashamed to tell anyone. Not ashamed of him, just ashamed because in this 21st century, people still believed that Internet friendship is equivalent to a scam. No one would believe my feelings for him. No one would understand our story. I just knew it!

So I kept silent. I didn’t say anything and struggled alone. Battling with myself about whether or not I love him. I desperately wanted to meet him, hold his hand, and lay in his arms. He meant so much to me that it was almost painful. I wanted him to know all of this without me having to say it.

But he never did. And I never made an attempt to explain it to him. A few months later he finally sent me a message saying “I love you” and I was ecstatic. I was on the top of the world, but just as I was about to reply with a huge “YES”, My mom snatched my phone, and read all our chats.
I was forced to delete all my social media accounts and my belief in our love, our future, everything, just faded.
I was left with an emptiness that was  unexplainable.
I never tried making an internet friend from then on.
I never interacted on internet again. And most importantly, he never bothered to try and contact me. Or maybe he did? I would never know the reality. So the only path i could see ahead was focussing on my career. I worked like a robot, mechanically at first. Later, it became my only source of survival, for nothing felt as fulfilling as the chats with him. But as I forced myself to be consumed with my work, memories of our time together started fading. I finally started getting over my first love.

Dear girl, I’m sorry if I condemn you for falling in love with a faceless user id. It’s not that I’m not understanding. It’s just that, I understood too well, and my conscience is busy ignoring your beating heart, and forcing me to do exactly what my mother did.
Perhaps, she went through the same ordeal?