Be safe, but don’t hide.

I’ve always been excessively passionate about topics of rape and gender discrimination.

My blood boils when I even think about it. So, Everytime something like this happens, I can’t help but spread as much awareness as possible.

On one of my Instagram stories, last week, a guy expressed his grief on the way girls are getting raped, and how there isn’t a strict law to prevent this, but then he said something which made me really furious. That simple question he asked me, made me hold my head In my hands. 

He said, “you live in Delhi right? I don’t understand why girls live in Delhi when it’s so unsafe.” I was left speechless for a whole minute, trying to understand if he was joking, I mean, be couldn’t possibly be serious right?! He claimed to be against rape and sexual assault, but he was outright asking us why we live in Delhi?!

It was a relief to know that he understood the idea of consent; but it was absolutely disheartening to know that he thinks, WOMEN should leave Delhi just because it’s unsafe. And this was just one incident I recall, there are so many people out there who think that the problem of rape and sexual assault and harassment can’t be curbed.

Well guess what? 

It can be curbed. I think that knowing that there is a rape case every hour in Delhi itself has made people numb. They don’t wanna talk about it because it upsets their mood. Like, dude the hell with your mood! This is serious shit you need to talk about if this issue is to be solved.

Keeping restrictions and setting boundaries on girls just because there is a very unsafe environment, is not the damned solution. You need to talk about it, spread awareness. Stop protecting your kids, they shouldn’t be ‘kept safe’ without the knowledge of this harsh reality. It’s better to educate them, talk to them, teach them the basics of equality. Setting equal boundaries for both girls and boys, and teaching them both the significance of consent (oh, in case you’re wondering, boys are assaulted too, there are just very less people who report it) and teaching them to raise their voices instead of minding their business can be of great help! 

Also, dear girls, you don’t have to leave a frigging state just because you’re ‘not safe’. If you leave, it’s only encouraging these idiots to continue their shameful acts. You have opportunities here, you have a life here, you don’t need to leave everything behind and live in the outskirts of a city because people ask you to do so (and they’ll give the bullshit reason that this is all for your safety).Leaving a state isn’t gonna stop these acts, you’re protecting yourself but you’re also encouraging other girls to do the same and ultimately letting those good-for-nothing fools know that they have the power and authority to hurt girls. 

Let’s not hide, and let’s stand up for this cause. It’s only a major case which provokes such talks, but don’t let the fire die down. Let’s educate as many people as we can (even if it means talking to boys about it. Some people find it hard to talk to boys about such serious issues:(( ) and instead of avoiding the topic, let’s state our views openly, allowing people to understand our point of view.  

And lastly I’d like to say, be safe, and don’t hesitate to call the police if you feel unsafe or your find something unusual 💝💝

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  1. Vijayanjali says:

    Salute your thoughts…. admirable

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