They love you even if they don’t show it💞

Sometimes, we’re too quick to judge.
Have you ever felt like people you care about are ignoring you and aren’t showing much interest in your life?
Well, I have. It’s kind of normal for all of us to feel something like this at some point of time.
If we’re going through some serious shit, then it’s our first instinct to either isolate ourselves from everyone or to find someone and pour our heart out to them.
Sometimes, (and I know it sounds weird but,) people just want to be reassured that they’re cared for. Even if they keep a low profile and don’t share their troubles, they feel good when people do ask them about it. And why wouldn’t they? It feels so satisfying to know that there are people out there who care about you.
But as good and valid as this feeling is, it clouds our judgement sometimes. It makes us think that people who aren’t asking about our well-being aren’t concerned about us. It’s not something we do intentionally ofcourse. It’s just the way our brain functions most of the time. We want reassurance and the people who provide it to us suddenly become more important than the people who originally do care.