Be vulnerable

Some people rarely let their guard down. Crying in front of people or being vulnerable is something they rarely do. But I think this is exactly what’s stopping them from being a happier soul.
They just feel like they’re carrying a burden with them all the time. The reason?
They don’t let people see their vulnerable side. They don’t let others in.
When someone tries to come closer to understand them better, they put their guard up and toughen up.
It’s just something that’s taught to all of us right? To be tough. To be strong. To be brave.
But around some people you need to let your guard down. There’s always a possibility of people taking advantage of your vulnerability but there’s always also a possibility of them being exactly what you needed to get the burden off you.
Learn to appreciate the people who genuinely care about you and wanna help you. I’m not asking you to trust everyone who cares. But tell them when you’re ready. And trust Me, telling people whom you trust and who care about you, won’t seem as intimidating as it did before telling them.
If they choose to take advantage of your vulnerability, you’ll realise a harsh truth. And if they choose to be there for you, and help you get better, you’ll never be more grateful for having them. Either way, the ball’s in your court, you’re getting benefited. .