Acknowledge your insecurities

Acknowledging insecurities is the worst part of self love.
We all just have this abstract Notion that self love means loving yourself the way you are and not having any kind of insecurity.
But ever since i started accepting, and acknowledging my fears, anxiety and insecurities, it’s been more easy to practice self love. .
You must be wondering how is this even possible, right?
Aren’t our insecurities meant to make us weak and vulnerable? How can accepting them do us any good?
Isn’t it better to just pretend to not have them? .
Well, no. It’s easier to have pretend that you have them, but never better. You see the moment you accept that you’re insecure, you are released of a huge burden of basically hiding a part of you from yourself.
You get to know yourself better since now it’s much more easy to accept harsh truths and you being true to yourself brings you closer to your inner self, your core. .
Don’t hide from your own Self, even though sometimes it’s harder to accept certain things, do it anyway, because that’s the only way you can learn to love yourself 💝💝

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  1. CG Thelen says:

    Like that thought about actually getting to know your true self — being secure in who you are.

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