Is it the “Sad Truth”?

I can’t look myself in the mirror

It makes me wanna crawl in my blanket and hide from the sad truth,

Is it the “sad” truth really?

I ask myself, repeatedly

But each time I come up with an honest answer,

They shut me up with their spiteful words,

And I, being the Innocent creature I am,

I let their words hurt me,

haunt me,

and ultimately, break me.

I don’t want this life,

Not that I don’t actually want it,

they make me feel so unhappy, so ugly;

I vemonously hope for them

To be in my shoes,

To live my life and survive it,

The way I have, all these years.

Atleast then they’ll know how it feels,

Atleast they’ll understand me,

and maybe, just maybe, even love me.

Everyone who feels “ugly” because they fail to meet the societal standards probably are mostly conflicted. They don’t know how to view themselves. They feel ugly, but they constantly ask themselves If they truly are ugly. If you’re one of those people then I insist that you block the outside world for a while and have a little “me time”. Spend time with yourself and then ask yourself

“Do I like myself?”

If yes then you don’t have to give a damn about what others’ say. If no then ask yourself “why”.

Is It because you actually don’t like yourself, or because you feel pressurised to not like yourself? Chances are, that your opinion of yourself is influenced by the way youre expected to be, by the society.

But in case you’re that rare one percent category and you truly don’t like youeself because of God knows what reason, then you need to take measures and fight mental battles to become who you wanna be.

If it’s the society that makes you hate yourself then you can take the following measures:

a) Surround yourself with people who make you comfortable and love you the way you are ❤️

b) Eliminate those people who from your life who belittle you.

c) Read Self help books

d) THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, SPEND TIME WITH YOURSELF. The more you spend time with yourself, the more you understand yourself and this leads to self actualization which ultimately leads to you loving yourself. You wouldn’t even realize it, and soon you wouldn’t care about those people who belittle you💝💝