How to become better at making decisions?

Ask yourself why do you react, the way you react to certain situations.

At first, I admit, it’s gonna be hard accepting the reasons behind your actions, but later down the line, it’ll actually help you understand yourself.
If you start by accepting the reasons behind your actions (even if you don’t want to, because you think they’re not really good), then you’ll be able to set your priorities straight. You’ll be able to assess what’s really important and worth it to you and what’s not. This will actually help you in decision making.

You would no longer be influenced by the burning desire to reach a certain goal by proving people wrong. You’ll start to realize that even though challenge are good sometimes, but if you’re doing something for the sole purpose of showing how right you are and how wrong that other person is, then that’s NOT good for you in the long run. It’ll only not provide you happiness. It’ll only give you the satisfaction of being right.

Like seriously, are you ready to sacrifice your happiness, just so you could prove someone (who, by the way, might not give a shit about you and is just trying to provoke you) how right you are?
I’m not, and that’s why, I usually question my intention before doing something. Mostly, the intention behind doing stuff is the materialistic goals we set up, so sometimes, if you can, then just ignore the peer pressure and your ego hurt, people are just trying to mess with your head. See what provides you happiness truly, and live by it💝💝

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