The first obstacle in the process of self-love

You know there are certain moments when have to fight for yourself, in order to protect yourself.

Don’t hesitate just because you think it’s selfish to do so. If someone you care about is intentionally or unintentionally cutting off your wings and making you question your worth, or worse, forcing you to change and be someone you aren’t, and someone you don’t wanna be, then you have to seriously stop listening to them and defend yourself if you have to.

You must be wondering, that on one hand I ask you to not give a damn about people and on the other hand I’m asking you to protect yourself by standing up for yourself. It’s hypocritical, isn’t it?

Well when a stranger or an acquaintance Makes you question your worth, then it’s best to stop listening and learn to art of acting indifferently to their words. But when someone you love, does that, then you might not only hurt them but also hurt yourself by this behavior, so it’s better to make them understand where you’re coming from.

I’m not asking you to not fight your loved ones, that’s something I would never do.

But the process of self-love is not an easy one. It’s more than just loving yourself. It’s accepting yourself, working on yourself, and most importantly, it’s standing up for yourself when necessary, even if it means that you have to fight with the people you care about.

Many people misunderstand this act of self-love as selfishness. They think that fighting against the people you love for personal gain is the most absurd thing you can do. And I second that statement, as long as it’s not harming you.

But I know what y’all are wondering,

“What do you mean by ‘harming you'”?

By “harming you”, I do not mean any physical harm ( though if you’re facing physical harm, then I urge you to do whatever you can, to protect yourself), instead, here, it means, a barrier to your growth.

For example, let’s say, your family members are constantly criticizing you for not being you highschool’s jock, they don’t like to see their blood and flesh live a life of a nerd, so they always mock you for being a nerd and keep explaining to you how you’re not “good enough”. The problem here is, that you love and accept yourself the way you are. But you’re afraid that if you stand up for yourself, against your family, you’ll end up ruining your relationship with them and most importantly, you’ll end up hurting them.

But here’s the thing, this very step is the first obstacle that most people face in the process of self-love. If You know you’re a nerd and you like being a nerd, then instead of accepting and crying over their taunts and insults, it’s better to either be indifferent to them or argue them by making them understand where the coming from, whatever gives you more satisfaction and happiness.

The day you learn to openly oppose the people you care about to protect yourself, you’ll be happier and feel the weight of hurtful taunts lifted off of you. Not being affected by strangers is something we can all manage, but not being affected by people we love is the difficult part.

Do anything, but don’t let them push you and your beliefs down.

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    1. Arushi says:

      You’re welcome dear 😊 Thanks for reading 💝

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  1. ArunKrish22 says:

    I loved the quote.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks a ton!!!


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