Don’t lie to yourself, you HAVE a dream!

The fear of not being able to live it or make a living out of it, shouldn’t stop you from accepting and acknowledging your dreams. .
The fear will always be there for most of us, because most of us don’t have passions like coding, science, law, medicine, journalism, etc. .
In fact, very few people consider these fields to be their passion. Nowadays, Most people are more into stuff they probably can’t turn into a full go fledged profession.
And this is exactly what is stopping most people from being in the so called ‘1 percent’ population. .
If you have a unique and different dream but have no idea about how to earn from it, you’re at a really good place. Like, maybe you won’t be able to turn your passion into profession, but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing it🔥 Maybe this passion can get you in forbesunder30 or make you famous, or lead you to become a Trend setter.
Even if none of this happens, at least you’ll be happy and satisfied☺

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