7 techniques that would improve your focus.

In this era of social media, the average attention span of millennials is diminishing day by day. Us millennials try our best to focus while working or studying, but we just can’t seem to have the same level and intensity of focus that we used to have, 5-6 years ago.
I was recently checking out a YouTube video and the person said that, since while using our smart phones, we open multiple windows at once, it divides our attention, So our focus on one task decreases.

This is really helpful for people who have to multitask all the time. But for those who need to focus for long durations, it is really difficult for them to do so without getting ‘distracted’.
So here are seven techniques that will help you focus while doing a task.


If the surroundings you work or study in are untidy then some people might find it difficult to ignore their surroundings and their attention may start to divert from the main task. In fact, untidy surroundings makes them immune to irritation which results in anger.
However some people don’t really care about their surroundings right?
Well I was that person who didn’t used to care about how neat my surroundings are but one Day I thought, ‘why not clean this room and then see if it feels any different’ , and boy I was so wrong about not being effected by surrounding.
The change in surroundings affected me, a LOT, for the better. I started to feel a bit more light and cheery as I cleaned my room before studying.

No one just ‘isn’t’ affected by cleanliness in their surroundings. Some people just get used to it and choose to ignore it. They don’t even realise that their productivity is decreasing day by day.


Distractions are different for different people. It may be smart phones, Television, songs, friends etc. So while you’re working, Try your best to keep distractions out of reach. If you keep your mobile phone in a separate room or work in a room where there is no TV, then it’s likely that you’ll focus more.


This is a really effective technique that will your stuff done. If you’ll set up a good reward after fulfilling a certain task, then chances are, that you’ll complete most of your tasks.
This technique, would only help you focus If the reward you set is something worth working for. Like if you’re a Game of thrones addict then set a reward of watching an episode of game of thrones after the completion of a task. This way you’ll stay motivated to work even though you don’t want to work.


The tasks you set are often unrealistic. We overestimate ourselves and think that the day will run smoothly without a single distraction or disruption. But it’s necessary that we set smaller tasks. What I mean is, instead of setting the task of studying 4 subjects for 2 hours each. If you set the tasks of studying 4 subjects for 30 minutes each WITH full concentration, then chances are that you’ll be able to get more done.


There are a ton of apps out there that serve a variety of purposes, helping us concentrate. I used an app a year ago, which locked my phone completely for the set time. It was pretty useful, since I started to use my smart phone less and less and was able to concentrate while studying.
There are apps which help us set tasks, reminders and even locks our phone for the time we set, to get our tasks done. Some examples are – The forest app, pomodoro app, study helper, tick tick, wunderlist, etc.

If you’re a student or an entrepreneur then all the above points are very much useful and would surely help you maintain your focus.
However, If you’re an employee or a professional then following the above suggested techniques becomes really difficult. No one is gonna remove and replace a TV if it’s there in your workplace, and nor can you set smaller tasks when you’re already assigned a huge task {Actually you can set smaller tasks, but mostly the time is limited and it’s not practically possible to do these tasks in bits and pieces, so most employees don’t use this technique}.
So the next two points are the most important points which can be done by any person, irrespective of their age.


Many people might misinterpret the meaning behind these words and think that I’m asking them to not be angry or frustrated.
I’m not.
I know that unfortunately, most people have jobs that they’d rather leave, so being frustrated, short tempered and annoyed at times is completely normal.
I’m not asking you to calm down, because that would be suppressing of emotions. As much as I love the concept of doing what you love, I know for a fact that it’s not always an easy decision to do what we love. So we can’t just wait for the right moment to build our focus. We’d probably get fired or something if we wait to find our passion and then put all our energy into it. Focusing is a practice. It doesn’t come when you want it to. It comes over a passage of time.
So what’s my point? What do I mean by calming yourself down?
I mean that calm your soul, mind and body down simultaneously. You can do this by the most popularly used method of meditation and yoga. Or you could simply close your eyes and lie down and be conscious of your thoughts but not think anything in particular. Another good way of doing this is doing stuff that makes you feel calmed and happy. For some people it is hitting the gym, for others it’s running, some even feel relaxed by music while others feel relaxed when they’re out wandering about and watching and feeling the beauty of nature.

The reason why doing this is important is because, most people aren’t really happy from the inside, even though they claim to be really happy with their life. They feel frustrated and are not always In a condition or situation to let it out. In this case, it all accumulates deep inside, coming out in ways that we don’t like, making everything worse. Besides our mind is often in a chaotic state, constantly making decisions and interpreting both important and completely useless information. So for these reasons it becomes important to give it some rest and calm it, not by suppressing feelings and emotions but by simply disconnecting from the outside world for a while (maybe 10 minutes or 2 hours or 5 days, your wish, depending on your need and situation) and giving it what it likes, what makes it peaceful and calmed.


If you’re a student then every time you procrastinate, picturize that university you always dream of. If you’re an employee then remind yourself of the promotion that you could get to get the tasks done properly and precisely. If you’re an entrepreneur then think about your dream of building a personal brand and work anyway.

Since our dream becomes our only goal and need once we start working towards it with all our energy, we start to work more and procrastinate less.

Thank you!

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