Dad’s Advice

I wasn’t feeling well recently. Neither physically nor mentally. The reason being a lot of insecurity and a hell lot of uncertainty.

Well it’s pretty unusual for me to experience all of this since I’m either always enthusiastic or at least I somehow convince myself to be happy and calm.

But yesterday I just couldn’t and my parents understood it by some “parental instinct”. They didn’t confront me directly or ask me what was wrong since they clearly saw I wasn’t ready to tell ’em yet. So they guessed that it was all stress.

My father was reading a novel I gifted him recently and he then watched me for a few minutes and said suddenly, “You know, I don’t know why but you look a bit tensed lately and i’d like to give you a friendly advice. Confusion is the chief cause of worry, so whatever is the internal conflict you’re struggling with,make sure to be clear, and stick to it.”

I never actually cared about being clear and I still think that knowing everything about our future is somewhat dangerous, cause you wouldn’t get a chance to explore anything else otherwise.

But here’s the thing. You’re worried ONLY when you expect to know stuff and constantly struggle to know about your future. That’s when you either find nothing or find so many solutions and ideas that you’re confused.

This confusion is okay to some extent but you must know how to deal with it. If you’re confused for too long and for really petty things then it can really make you anxious and upset, disrupting your peaceful mind.

So try and control your thoughts. Being in confusion is okay but stressing over it for too long can have side effects just like every medicine that benefits you does! .

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  1. What great article!

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  2. Great advice. It’s definitely something I have been putting my attention into. Hope you are feeling better now!

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    1. Arushi says:

      I am๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
      Thanks a ton Buddy!

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