Removing labels🙌 {Short story}

They were gaping at the picture before them. At the party, everyone was turning to look at them.

Why wouldn’t they, they were now famous.

A video of them kissing in a hot tub had gone viral and people began making Memes and writing dirty comments already.

She never knew she had an activist side to her.

It was when her video had gone viral and everyone claimed for her to be a slut and him to be the cool stud that she realised how biased and just how partial the society is.

When he got home, his dad patted his back and commented him on his masculinity but when she reached home she was slapped and grounded for a whole month by her mother who thought that her daughter had gone out of control.

She was just kissing for God’s sake!

And even if she was making out or doing something “explicit” like having sex, it’s Her freaking choice. She’s 19 and she can make her own decisions. But no, the society is too busy criticising her and commenting on her “slutty” behaviour to acknowledge her choices and her decisions.

It’s not her boyfriend’s fault, he himself is trying to stop people bitch about her. He’s punching anyone who says shit about her. Her boyfriend is not the reason why she did it. It’s the society and their low standards that made her vulnerable and upset.

That day when she got home from the party and cried for hours after facing criticism and being scolded by her mom for doing something which is actually totally legal and her choice, she wiped her tears and made a decision. This wasn’t like any normal decision. This was as strong as the unbreakable vow.

She was gonna fight as hard as she could to remove labels. She was gonna help each and every girl, who like her is being criticised and given dirty looks!

She made a community of people who wanted to be a part of this fabulous initiative.

She was amazed to find almost half the girls of her town come and support her. Never had she ever seen such unity in the female population of her town!

The parents were mad and tried to put an end to the society, but the daughters made it clear with their stubborn resolve that they will not be treated like dirt for doing something normal. They revolted against their parents’ wishes and met everyday, to help each other grow, and to demand a ban of labels in the society.

To many people it seemed absurd, because it was their “freedom to speech” that the girls were after. But the girls held their head high and reminded how bullying and ragging was also a matter of personal pleasure which destroyed thousands of lives!

They tried their best to show reason and knock some sense in the government authorities. The authorities were reluctant to take measures at first. But seeing such anger and unity in young women, left them baffled!

There is still no such law to prevent labels for girls, ’cause it would violate the freedom to speech. But now, no one in town dares to say a thing to a single girl. Every girl of the town lives her life the way she wants. And the unity among all girls is so strong that not even enemies bail out on each other when they need help!

Sometimes all we need is a person to step up and take action. That action may not always bring desired results but it does make people think twice before making the same mistake. Women have a tendency to bitch about each other. But that’s the societal perspective and what the previous generation did. We don’t need to be like them. We can be united and make such great changes by having each other’s back. We can make people rethink about the way they visualize a woman.

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  1. Good work Arushi.You always do a very detailed and expressive outlook at society and give a positivity to it which I really enjoy and love.Kisses and kudos to good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you soooo much dear! I’m glad you find my work good 💝🙌


  2. Expressed well dear
    Liked this title very much “removing labels”
    Can’t agree with your words more, it’s profound and utterly blended with truth

    Keep sharing
    Happy blogging 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arushi says:

      Yes! I’ve read a ton of books and even seen some of this in real life. How the boy always gets an easy way out and a girl is considered scandalous because of a mistake they both made.
      I’m so glad that you liked this one!
      Thanks! And same to you sis💝🙌


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