Short story #2

Our friends made sure that we remain enemies, spilling all kinds of dark secrets we held and the rumours that surrounded us, we were from rival groups after all.

We were meant to be enemies and started off as foes, but destiny had other plans. The guilt and pain of hurting the other made us oh so vulnerable. We looked at each other with hateful gazes but envisaged us being married.

And it seemed that the Almighty finally caved in and gave us what we desired from the depth of our heart. We expressed our love that day, on the prom. But it seemed that we weren’t meant to live together.

We got in an accident the next day. Fate wasn’t generous enough to let us live together but it was more than benevolent to let us breathe our last breath together and love beyond death!

Loving someone so much that you’re happy to love till infinity and beyond is what I call true love🙃💝

What do you think about this short love story?

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