Short story #1

Hiya! I’ve decided to try out story writing. So if you all are interested, I’ll post short stories too sometimes from now on.

I saw him last Saturday and he has been gone ever since. I sat in my room with clothes scattered on the floor, flower vases half broken and endless napkins and tissues covering me in a puddle, while I lay on the ground crying my eyes out.

We first met when we were in 10th standard. I was the new nerd of the school and he was a typical high school jock. I was reluctant to even look at him. To me, he was that careless and shameless lad who’s so full of himself and has such a big ego that others seem somehow inferior to him. I hated guys like these. I wanted to remain nonexistent to him.

But of course destiny had other plans. Apparently the whole school knew me because I was the “new girl”. The gossip didn’t bother me but when I often felt a pair of brown eyes burning a hole on the back of my head, I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to squirm under his intense gaze.

He could figure it out and tried talking to me multiple times. But every time he made a move to talk to me, I’d ignore him and pretend to not hear or I’d excuse myself saying I have a class to attend. This is what made me look like a nerd. Like I do love books but I was never a nerd. But hiding from him was only possible when I spend all my day in the library.

I still remember August 14, the history results were out. And I somehow managed to top the class and only one person failed. It was him. After failing he never talked much to his jock friends. He cut off from his “cool group” and the library became his best friend. At first I wanted to run away as soon as he walked in the library but later I realized that it was affecting my grades since I couldn’t study in my house, given all the arguments mom and dad got into.

“Hey, um please don’t run away this time. I really need to understand this chapter, and you’re the most genius person in this school”

I was momentarily stunned as he said this. He made a move to talk to me again. But this time it was because he needed to ask a doubt. ‘What if he needed my help since the beginning, when I thought he only wanted to annoy and corrupt me?’

As soon as I thought this, I felt terribly guilty. I was responsible for all of this. He failed and now basically became an antisocial nerd from a famous jock because of me. I, being the naïve person I am, agreed to help him and even give him tuitions in case he needs them.

For the next 2 months we studied together and really hard. He now became the school’s second topper. Just after me. We became really close friends and I realized that he is a really good person and with an amazing humour. I started to like him. Not just in a friendly way, I liked him in a romantic way now. And I knew that I shouldn’t be having these feelings.

By the start of grade 11 we became best friends and soon after, he helped me get out of my shell, and made me do all kinds of crazy stuff. We danced in pubs till midnight, we learnt how to dive, we broke a few laws as well.

One day while we were in a bar, getting out drinks after a really exhausting weekend full of trekking and climbing mountains, he bought us two drinks as usual. But something felt awkward in the way he walked. He seemed too rigid and too stiff. As I drank my drink, I felt it again, the burning sensation his eyes caused me an year back. The very same. I looked up into his eyes to ask what’s wrong but the intense look shut me up quickly. I opened my mouth multiple times to ask what’s wrong, but looked more like a gaping fish than a concerned friend. He then did something which I would never forget. He kissed me. He stole me first kiss and the weirder thing was, I kissed him back.

That night, he took me to his house and we made love. At first I thought that it was a mistake because he would probably never want me as his girlfriend. Like which guy would? But when he kissed me first thing in the morning, whilst holding me tight in his muscular arms, as if to see if this is all real. If last night happened, It felt so relaxing, so satisfying and just so unreal. Never had I ever thought that I, a nerd will end up in bed a year after meeting the town’s golden boy.

We started going out and on our 2nd anniversary. While I was in my hostel in Delhi and he was in Singapore completing his bachelors I received a call. And it changed everything.

He had been arrested in Singapore with the accusation of molestation. It’s the worst news, a girl can receive! After years of friendships and love, I thought that I knew him well enough to know that he’s a gentleman and would never do a thing wrong. But the very thought made my heart ache with misery I was quite unaccustomed to.

And here a week later I’m crying and devastated after breaking up with him when he called me to explain his part of the story.

He said that he thought she was interested and he was just being framed. But either way he betrayed me and my trust. I can never forgive him for this.

But one thing I do know is that trusting is gonna be a major issue in my life. But I also know that there are good people out there and multiple sides to a good or a bad person. So trusting someone just on the basis of the side he/she shows me is really useless. I’ll only trust people whom I know inside out. After all incomplete knowledge can be dangerous. But I will not let this one incident define me. I’m so much more than “a nerd” and the “golden boy’s girlfriend”. I’m an individual who has her own identity and everyone in this world goes through tough times. I won’t let one heart break make me a different person altogether.


I met him again yesterday. He was released the very next day because apparently the girl just blurted it out that he molested her when they were caught by the police while trespassing and making out there. She was interested in him too. Not that I care. I actually thank him now, years later, to help me see what the fate is capable throwing at me. I’m grateful that he came in my life. He made me do all that crazy stuff and helped me realize that I can do so much better than just sit and study. I’m a successful entrepreneur and my success is defined me solely me. I’ve dated two guys after him but it didn’t work out with either of them. But I’m not quite concerned about finding the right guy. I just need time for my business anyway. Now that I look back at that heart break, years ago, which was my first heart break. I laugh at it. Like how naïve was I? How could I let a guy be the sole purpose of my life? I learnt something really important, I understood that everything happens for a reason. That one bad experience surely scarred me from the inside, it still taught me so much. It made me love myself more than any other being. It made me feel self sufficient.

Thank you!!

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  1. Kreta Amura says:

    Cool story, I like it!

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  2. Arushi says:

    Thanks a ton!!

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  3. Wow! I sooo loved the ending of this story❤
    That’s something even I believe in…that all things happen for a reason and we all grow and learn most valuable lessons through pain. But the part I loved the most about the character was how she decided that one bad heartbreak is not going to change who she is as the person… something sadly not many people are able to do.
    Another beautifully penned story🌸👏

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    1. Arushi says:

      I’m so glad that your thought processes actually match. Like people don’t get it easily. Yes one heart break can change your behaviour but the core of you, your soul always remains the same.
      You can fall in love all over again and you can still learn something new from every relationship you’re in. So trusting life is much more important than belittling and downgrading it

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      1. EXACTLY! Couldn’t agree more and you’ve explained it in a highly eloquent way👏😊

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        1. Arushi says:


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