Book Review: Tomarkus

Book : Tomarkus
Ratings : 4/5
Genre : science fiction
About the book:
The book ‘Tomarkus’ was a story of a planet Tomarkus and it’s inhabitants’ struggle to establish a slave free habitat and recognise the people who sincerely care about the planet and aren’t just plotting based on their personal vendetta.
Two people from the planet, Ariet and Cenoy, were captured among other slaves who disobeyed their orders and were thus captured in the prison of carcerem which was basically living a dead life or dying a slow death.
They were however rescued by two men who claimed to be selecting warriors for a secret resistant army to fight the MOX soldiers.
But later they realised that this was nothing but a conspiracy to defeat the MOX by manipulating the vulnerable people and hiding the reality of the existence of Tomarkas.
Book review :
The plot was definitely unique and pretty creative. At first I wasn’t much interested in the book and found it slow and boring but when I completed almost 50% of the book, I realised that the story was so much different than what I first interpreted it to be. It had a bit of dirty politics and hidden romance and the essence of the book was the vivid imagery that the author carefully put in.
However I think that the starting of the book was a bit slow but the ending surely compensated for it.
It was a short read ( took me 2.5 days to finish it) and carried that silent noble moral of equality to all and trusting carefully.Thank you!

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