Insecurities are devil…πŸ™‡

We all wanna create an impact on this world right? But how? If it were so simple then none of us would be here only dreaming. It needs guts. It needs resistance and it also needs a lot of courage to stand up against people who sometimes might NOT be as forgiving. But guess what?
Nothing but our insecurities stop us. We don’t believe enough in ourselves and this leads to us not implementing our life changing ideas. Our ideas are nothing but perfect, all they need is courage, to be accomplished.
It’s not even our fault. We all under rate ourselves. It’s just human tendency to do so.
But Yeah, we sure as hell do boast sometimes but that doesn’t mean that we are THAT confident on our abilities. It only means that we want others to know that we’re perfect. Boasting only helps maintain our pride and satisfies our huge ego. It doesn’t make us start believing in ourselves.
But why do we under rate ourselves?
Well we under rate ourselves because we compare ourselves with people who are far better than us. For example, if you wanna be an author, and you have just completed writing the first chapter of your book and you compare yourself with the infamous @chetanbhagat , then obviously you’ll be demotivated and think that your writing style is pathetic. It’s as if you’re at level one and you’re comparing yourself to a person with level 100. You’ll always end up wondering how ‘ordinary’ and ‘good-for-nothing’ you are.
So stop doing that. Don’t underrate and underestimate your abilities. What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll fail? Well failure is inevitable so, don’t even think along these lines, ‘what if my idea fails’. If your idea fails then, it’s STILL OKAY. At least now you know that your idea wasn’t good enough. At least now you wouldn’t be guilty.
The second obstacle is, “what if I embarrass myself’ Building a good reputation is difficult and maintaining that good reputation is even harder. But destroying that reputation is very easy. And this is what eats us up.
Let me tell you one thing, no one cares about your so called ‘reputation’ as much as you do. No one gives a damn if you’re considered to be ” the perfect lady” or the “good-for-nothing idiot”. To be honest, we care too much about ourselves.
Remember the time when you used to fall as a child. Your friends used to laugh at you but did you care then? At first, we didn’t. But later as we grew older, we started getting insecure of “what people will say”. But if we always only think along those lines then we NEED to forget our life changing ideas.
Your current reputation will dissolve as soon as you do something big, something extraordinary. And we both know that, it can only be accomplished by repeated trying, because, if you keep trying then at least there will be hope for the future. But if you give up then I don’t know about hope but you sure as hell will regret your decision. So stop underrating yourselves and work towards your goal.
Thank you

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