Why do we sometimes belittle ourselves while seeking external motivation

A simple question
Now I’ll just ask all of you a simple question, “Do you ever feel unsatisfied and unhappy after watching a motivational video?”
(Tell me your answers in the comments)
Now for those of you who DO feel this way, this Post’s for you.
I personally feel a bit sad after listening to a motivational song sometimes. However I do agree that motivational songs are the best way to provide instant motivation and help us to get over our insecurities. Now after much analysis what I did understand as to why we feel this way is,
When we listen to a motivational song at first, we get all inspired and motivated to work hard and face it all etc. We all are driven by the desire to change our lives and shape it in our own way. Now when we listen to this song over and over then we start remembering the lyrics and we often start thinking about it, either consciously or subconsciously. We then feel as though are repeated efforts are going in vain. We feel that every day is becoming just another day and we are running out of time to prove ourselves. We start feeling anxious as to why on earth can’t we do it all and then we become a bit sad because we don’t see any progress.
Listening to these motivational songs makes us want to be famous, rich and powerful and what not and it’s completely okay to want all of it. But what isn’t okay is berating ourselves for not having it all. We start to belittle our abilities thinking, “That guy was a normal guy like me and yet he’s reached so damn high in his field and look at me.” Or “I don’t know how these people change their lives, if only I could do it for myself”. A series of subconscious and conscious thoughts follow.
What’s my point (yawns)
Okay now you must be wondering, ” damn it girl, tell me the goddamn point”. So coming to the point, we often start comparing our level 1 to someone else’s level 10 or 50 or even 2. What’s wrong in that? I mean it’s good to keep a tough competition right?
Well yes that’s true but that’s only to help us enrich our skills and personality as a whole. When we start comparing then it’s not an issue at all since we get the motivation to become better versions of ourselves. But when we start belittling ourselves (which happens often), I suggest we take a break and reflect on our thoughts. Thinking of all the possible reasons as to why we’re doing so. The answer is simple and quite satisfactory. Its only ’cause we’re comparing our level one to another person’s higher level and Not the level on which he/she started. If you started comparing level ones of every role model you have then you sometimes might even find yourself in a much better position than they were ar your level.
How to feel better if this happens to you?
So instead of judging and belittling yourself by listening to these motivational songs, just check into what the person has to say and find ways to enhance your skillset. It won’t occur in one day, or two days or it might not happen for an year. But NOT giving up and constantly fighting can only help you! These words that I or any other self help author or blogger writes, they are toxic in a sense that if not taken with proper emotions they can mess up your mindset. But you need to know that motivational videos/posts/songs are only motivations and inspirations to help you move a little ahead when you’re stuck or get started if you’ve not started yet. They aren’t there to make you reflect yourself and your achievements. They don’t mean to make you compare yourself to any other successful person.
Remember to never compare your first step with the hundredth step of your “peer”. ‘Cause you don’t know how much she’s been through. You don’t know what step 1 was for them.
Thank you!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. kaby says:

    I don’t ever felt that way though…..
    But I liked reading your post!.. ❤
    Nice work. 👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Arushi says:

    This does happen when you’ve got a negative mindset.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaby says:

      Maybe in that case!!….
      I have had a Negative mindset often in the post and it lasts for days, weeks or even months!!!….
      But I never felt negative even after watching any motivational video. Positivity come into being, but for only a day or two. Then it again goes back….


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