Why do some people hate and others love self help books? (Subjective)

Self help is a genre that has extreme reviews. Some people either love it with all of their heart or they hate it with all of their heart.
The extent of hating self help:
Because when you read self help then you’re not being imaginative or creative, all you are doing is basically reading information, processing it and trying to understand the deep meanings. You often get bored while doing this, because its as if you’re reading a course book. The only difference that remains between reading this self help and your course book is that self helps are a bit more interesting and you Do it at your own expense. You can’t blame anyone else for reading self help. You basically take responsibility for it. That’s why even the haters don’t hate it as much as they hate course books. Because when you take responsibility for something then you’re basically taking all the blame or complements that come with it and besides, no one wants to be wrong ,right? So that’s another reason why people don’t hate it just as much as they say they do.
Now, the question arises,
Why do they hate self help books?
Like this is a valid question but it’s also a pretty subjective question. People have their own views and reasons as to why they hate self helps.
  1. But one very important reason that comes with hating self help and that is, the fear of change. This can be a pretty unconscious thought and thus we might not Even understand it but this IS always present. People are afraid to change. All self helps talk about is accepting the harsh realities of life and changing yourself. We become so overwhelmed that we start thinking in a different manner altogether. We start belittling ourselves which results in us getting the wrong idea from these books. We start getting overwhelmed and thinking that we’re not good enough.
  1. The second reason why some people don’t like self helps is that they’re not accustomed to be told what to do. They don’t like being told that they’re full of bullshit. They don’t want to understand and agree that there are Certain values that they possess which are all messed up.
  1. The third reason is that some people don’t like such heavy life changing books. They like light and easy to read and enjoy books. These people have the tendency to think of these self helps as no less than an encyclopedia. They are mostly people who’re looking for stress busters and want to clear their mind. Or these people might be one of those who hate studying in general. Since reading self help is basically studying since you do the exact same stuff. You read, you understand, you visualize and then you try to remember the concept to change your life. These category of people find it extensively boring to do so. Which again is completely okay as long as they are happy and contented, because in the end that’s all matters.
The extent of loving self help books –
When you’re reading a self help book or a simple educational book then your sole person is to learn something. To understand and get the meaning of something. You want to make things right and you think that by reading self help your thinking will become much more conceptually clear, your decisions might or might not be always right but after reading self help you often choose the right values on which most of your decisions are based. You choose you metrics and values accordingly once you read self help. That’s what most people love about it. It doesn’t change you but it either brings out the real you from deep inside or it makes your beliefs and thoughts much optimistic than they were before. So the best thing is it changes you without really changing you.
Reason why people love self help
  1. They are not contented with their life and want to figure out a way of enriching their life. They want to find out about all the things they’re doing wrong and figure out a right approach to live their life.
  2. They are seeking success and finding innovative ways to bring out the best in them. The goal of these people is not just living a happy and contented life. These people want all the materialistic stuff as well like money, fame and brand etc. These people try put these books for enriching both their life and general knowledge about being successful.
  3. These people are book lovers. They want to read anywhere and everywhere they go. They just love reading intense books and find self help a good way to enhance their knowledge along with the no. Of books they’ve read. Reading to them is their everything so they love self help anyway.
  4. Beginners like self help and hate it as well. They like self help because self help doesn’t require much visualisation and hence your energy is saved. But some beginners also think that self helps are way too intense for starters and start hating not only self helps but books in general.
The reasons that I mentioned above were about what most people think and believe. What is more important is that these reasons are not a compulsion for all. You might or might not agree to them and that is the sole reason that this is a subjective blog.
I’d love to know which category do you come under.
Self help lover or hater and if so then why?

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  1. Everybody is looking for answers in one way or another. There is nothing wrong w/ self help if you feel it improves your life. For the haters, it easy to blame everything else around you, but the common denominator is YOU. Think about that.

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    1. Arushi says:

      I’m glad to see your views about this topic


  2. I’ll always be a fan of self-help books for the reasons that you mentioned above. The other kinds of books, like romances and all the fiction stories aren’t really beneficial when it comes to adding value to your life. As a reader would you agree or disagree

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    1. Arushi says:

      I have a neutral opinion actually. I agree because what you say is completely relevant but I do disagree because I think that sometimes fiction is worth the change. It helps in enhancing our imaginative skills and gives us a perfect break from our monotonous life. Though I love self help as well!

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      1. I’d suppose, although, the direction in which your life is going is completely your choice.. Reading to escapee your reality seems like you’re running away from something instead of changing it

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