Why is entrepreneurship growing nowadays?

We live in an era where self worth and self love holds much more value than pretty much anything in life. People nowadays want to prove their worth and not be just “average”. Gone are the days when being good and average in studies or working at a normal reputed firm were considered as incredible. Nowadays people don’t give a damn about where they work or how much they earn. If they’re not happy and satisfied with their jobs, they tend to often give the job up and do something they genuinely like. No one judges anyone for giving up jobs or ignoring a famous MNC’s offer. Why? Because people care more about their satisfaction and happiness than the money in the bank account. No one can do a single thing without interest in today’s world. People want to work for themselves and be their own leader. They want to scream out their ideas and show their self worth. They no longer crave to be accepted by the society, they want to now show what their ideas are and live them. They want the world to know and remember them as them and not by their company’s name.
Now you might be thinking “okay miss obvious, but why’s that?”
Well it’s because the era of entrepreneurship has emerged. People still want to work hard and prove themselves. They still seek acceptance. But the only difference is that now they don’t want to work hard or prove their worth to someone else. They want to work hard for themselves. They want to be accepted but not by doing what the society requires them to do but by doing what they love and for who they really are.
Entrepreneurs are flooding the market like anything. A little girl of age 13 to an old woman of age 70, all want to work for themselves. Now the question arises, why on earth do they want this so badly? Like why is there such a great popularity for this concept? Here’s a possible explanation-
When you start doing your own work then you often tend to work freely according to your own will. No one can force anything on you. You’re your own boss and you have no deadline to finish your tasks. You can’t be threatened by the concept of losing your job. Other than all this, you have a sense of pride and self satisfaction since you’re working for yourself.
You might feel overwhelmed sometimes but that’s okay since being overwhelmed serves as a reminder that all of this is not a joke or a picnic- it’s way beyond that -your life.
In the corporate world people are often frustrated if they work at small firms or companies because of the kind of work they’re forced to do sometimes might not match the best of their interests besides they’re overly pressured. All this makes is very convenient for people to switch towards entrepreneurship.
Our choice of clients-
While working in a company you’re often asked, or rather forced to work for people whom you might dispise and you have no choice but to give in. At times the people we work for might not be in good terms with us but since we don’t have any power to make such decisions as who shall and shall not be our clients, we often have to bow our head and work with hatred. We pretty much have a great liberty when it comes to choosing clients. It’s our decision and we can work with complete self respect and happiness when since we don’t have a boss, we work for ourselves.
Encouraged by government-
Nowadays the government wants passionate and happy youngsters full of courage and enthusiasm to be our future. That’s the sole reason why the government promotes entrepreneurship. They believe that if people are self employed then they’re likely to be happier and more enthusiastic about their work and will take their work seriously. Now the question arises that If we work with all our hear and soul then why on earth the government care? Well if you’re working up to your full potential then you’re contributing to the society through financial help and you’re also encouraging people specifically youngsters to work up to their full potential by setting a fabulous example.
No limitation to the money earned-
When you’re working for a company then you might or might not earn according to the amount of effort you put in. You can only earn to a limit. No company will offer you billions of dollars and even if they do, you’ll have to wait till you’re very old for that. When you work for yourself then you don’t have a limit to the money earned. You might earn billions of dollars or not even a penny. It all depends on the amount of effort you put in and a bit of your luck. So even though you have security in your job you don’t have a hand in expanding your horizons. You have stability but not the experience of taking risks when you have a job.
Personal branding-
“Personal branding is the marketing of people of themselves and their careers as brands.” – according to Google.
When you work for a company then you’re a nobody. All you represent is your company. You might be famous for your work but still your company’s name tags along wherever you go. You’re what you are because of your company and you can’t do a thing to change this. You might work your ass off but people will only consider it as a company’s success not yours. Who’s benefited in the end? The person who created the company or the CEO and director is the one benefited. What do you get? A raise in salary or a bit of appreciation. In some cases you might become famous as well. But it’s never only your success. You’ll always carry your company’s name with you when you do something big or small processionally. But when you work for yourself then people get to know you. They understand your importance and treat you than more than just another employ of another big firm or company. You might have the best of qualifications but so do those people who are allums of the same college or school you went to. So what do you have which is different than the others? Why are you better than them? No one will ever know until you show them. They’ll not give a glance in your direction unless you get them to look at you. Being an entrepreneur helps you in this aspect of your life. People get to see the real you and the work in which you specialize in. Now this can be related to the degree you’ve earned or it can be something totally different. Which is what makes it personal branding.
Personal branding means when you can create a brand for yourself. Something which will show people just how capable you are. All your abilities and all about your life will be available to people.
I know that when you are given a chance to be an entrepreneur with absolutely nothing and some branch manager at a company that pays you a handsome salary then you’ll probably choose the job first and think about the other idea later but once you get yourself a job it’s very difficult to leave all the facilities and security that it offers. But that’s what entrepreneurs are all about. They live to challenge themselves and their fates. They don’t know when they might shine and become a star overnight or when they might become broke. But as long as you be yourself and do the stuff you love, the sense of security or enormous salary doesn’t matter. That’s one reason why people nowadays are shifting to self employment from normal jobs. It’s because people like you and me who’re not satisfied with their current posts as a student or an employee want to live their own life and be liberated from the current traditional job scenario.
Entrepreneurs are the people who live for more. They can’t ever be happy in something that’s been imposed upon them. They want to live their own life and be their own boss. They want to work for with people of their kind who have similar interests and aspirations in life.
Don’t think of being an entrepreneur because it’s what most people do nowadays. Be an enterpreneur because you love the feel of it and are willing to do anything to work for yourself and your passion.

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