What are False memories?

Hey guys!

Do you know someone who can remember everything or is very confident about his/her memory?

If you do then this blog might hurt the self confidence that person has on his/her memory.


Well it’s because we don’t quite have a very reliable memory. Now how can I prove this?

Well there is this theory of “False memory”. This theory suggests that you make up stuff on your own and believe it so freaking much that you think that your imagination might be real after all. You start believing that this imagination of yours is in fact a real thing which exists in your memory.

I’ll give you a pretty normal example, I have a neighbor who is terribly annoying and she once asked my mother if my mom had a stomach surgery. Well mom didn’t have one so she obviously denied. But my neighbor either forgot or didn’t believe mom. Be it whatsoever. She started believing that mom had a stomach surgery and on multiple occasions she commented on it. Mom ignored her at first but later, she argued back and said that she wouldn’t hide such a thing. But my neighbor didn’t care, she was reluctant to believe that mom didn’t have a surgery and said “I remember you telling me the other day that you had a stomach surgery. How can my memory be wrong? I clearly remember it.”

Now this was a case of false memory. My annoying neighbor had such strong belief about mom having a surgery that she made a memory about how my mother told that she had a surgery. This is called a false memory.

This was a very small and basic real life example. But this can also be dangerous leading to false accusations and a no. Of innocent people being framed for something they never did.

In fact many of the psychiatrists and psychologists lost their licenses in the 1980s and 1990s. This was because they would often force the patients to “recall” stuff from their subconscious which never existed. This resulted in the creation of false memories.

Hence I believe that your memory can be nearly accurate but it cannot be always correct. So those people who have this overconfidence of remembering everything might as well know that you can’t always remember everything and it’s not your fault if you can’t. That’s the way our memory is. It can’t be trusted much.


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  1. Very interesting. It’s happened to me a few times – I dream of something and then I feel it was a memory.

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    1. Arushi says:

      I’m glad that you can relate. You see this happens all the time, sometimes it becomes a bit dangerous also since we make false accusations so it takes an ugly form but otherwise it’s a pretty natural and common phenomenon that most people aren’t familiar with


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