Sharing secrets..

Hey guys!
We often are desperate to search anyone, at least someone who’ll understand us and know us. Who’ll love us and keep our darkest of secrets with them, without breaking our trust.
As must as I do believe in true love and strong friendship, I do believe that all these people whom we trust so much are still mortals and normal human beings and Humans make mistake all the freaking time.
These people we hold on to are great and maybe even a symbol of hope to many of you but they can unintentionally hurt you sometimes.
They can understand you and your darkness and mistakes for sure but they cannot live what you lived. They cannot trade places with you. Yet they’ll always probably be careful as to not open those healed wounds.
But if they do unintentionally do that, I.e, disclose your secrets then it’s only gonna be a lot of chaos and misunderstanding. You might forgive the person by being generous but you won’t forget what happened and it would lead to you not spilling your secrets and darkness to others.
Now you’ll say “But that’s good right? That’s what I’m conveying huh?”
Absolutely not.
I’m not asking you to shut yourself up in some sort of invisible cage. I’m not asking you for doing something this terrible. Why?
Because I know that doing this will make you all frustrated and angry. You’ll start being sad and would stop interacting much in fear of being betrayed. You will start bottling up all your secrets inside you and one day, it’ll all explode. And it won’t be a pretty site.
So what do I want?
I basically want to say that you should know the limit. The limit till where you can expose your past and bad experiences. Don’t be ashamed of them but embrace them. Be fearless but be practical at the same time. We all have the secret which we don’t want anyone to know yet we tell those to that certain someone. It really feels good and relieved by telling that secret. But instead of telling that secret to someone, if you write a journal or a diary or maybe tell about it to someone you don’t care about and who doesn’t understand and care about your secret then that’s relieving too and the benefit of doing this is that you won’t give anyone the chance to backstab you, you won’t ever be ditched by your loved one.
If things don’t work out, then also, you’ll be you, the same independent you without the fear of being exposed.

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