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Hey guys!

Long time no see? I know I’m a terrible person for not posting for that long. Anyways now that I’m free and I’m back to my blogger self. I really want y’all to check Instagram blog…well I’m thinking of merging both Mad bookishness and arushisinhablogg on Instagram.

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This society makes us oh so vulnerable at times. Just the fear of being “judged” makes us do things that wouldn’t dream of doing if it weren’t for this damned society. Living up to the society’s standards is not our headache. What we need to think about is our own understanding of ourselves. We need to think about what we want and what we aspire.
I’m still trying to find my true self and have also achieved to do so to a great extent but trust me it’s an incredibly difficult task to actually implement it. The societal pressures are too much to handle and we’ve been accustomed to believe that the society’s belief is more important than our own beliefs about ourselves.

I want to know if you guys want a more elaborate post on this topic. Please tell me either personally on my e-mail or drop a comment.

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  1. Kranti says:

    Wonderfully penned and nice topic 😊

    Hope you are doing good dear!

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks kranti! And yes I’m doing fine. What about you?

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      1. Kranti says:

        Always my pleasure! I am doing good dear, thank you 😊

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  2. Welcome back arushi 🙂
    You are right. Lot of people are doing things just to be accepted by society. That’s why most of the people are doing what they are not even interested.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks for the inspiring words buddy! 😃


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