To the previous generation….

Read this short story for the understanding of today’s topic.

It’s been a few days and one of my best friend looks upset all the freaking time. Many people tried to approach her to ask her about her problem but she just snaps back at them. I was being a good friend by giving her the space she wants. But there is a limit to everything. One day I just got impatient and approached her and asked her about her problem like everyone else was asking. After much convincing was I finally able to get her open up. She said

“You know already that my parents are not happy about my relationship with Aadi and my mom literally hates our guts.”

I nodded my head in agreement but she continued on without listening anyway.

“She literally taunts me at every possible opportunity to make me feel guilty and she didn’t speak to me for days after knowing we’re together.” She put her hands up in exasperation.

I tried to calm her down but she already had tears streaming down her face “We love each other! Can’t she see that?! We’ve been together for 4 years!”

Then she took deep breaths and said “My cousin came over yesterday and my mother was constantly teasing him about his ‘girlfriend’ she does that all the time! But now that she knows about our relationship, AND she made a pretty BIG deal about it. She still is teasing him all the time!

She stopped shrieking and then she continued in a dead calm voice. “I don’t expect my mother to say that having a relationship at 18 is right. But at least she should have some emotion, some softness in her heart to NOT tease my 16 year old brother about his girlfriend.”

I felt bad for her. I felt sympathetic. But mostly I felt empathetic towards her. The reason being? Well let’s say it happens in every middle-class and upper middle class house. My house being no exception.

What parents don’t understand is, that teaching their girls to be good in studies and be successful is not enough. Enrolling their kids in a good school is not enough.

You need to educate yourself about allowing your children to have the same privileges as the opposite gender. Make them feel equal and generous instead of inferior or superior. Let them live their life and support them throughout their life.

Look, there is a huge gap between our parents and us. So it’s quite obvious that some things cannot be understood by them which might seem very obvious to us. We needn’t shout at our parents, laugh at them or fight with them. We must stay by their side and explain the things which have changed over one generation.

I’m sure that some of us will face problems doing this but we must try to our fullest before assuming that they won’t understand us.

The reason why most teenagers are misunderstood is not because they can’t express but because the generation gap is causing a lot of problems to their daily life.

I’m writing this blog in hope to make the people, who aren’t comfortable with girls having boyfriends but are very casual about guys being in a relationship, aware about the changing world and trend. Gone are the days when girls used to be suppressed all the time. Now they are coming out, breaking free of their barriers and making their life at par with the boys. But this is not possible without the support of parents or family as a whole.

Thank you!

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