An epitome of perfection!

What if I say that I know a person who is more than perfect?A girl who faced the ups and downs and still is as up and erect as if she was born yesterday to complete her work.

I know this girl who doesn’t like expressing love but is the most softest and affectionate person I know. This person doesn’t think there’s anything that can stop her from reaching up the skies and making herself happy. She thinks of herself as a flawed yet a satisfied person.

She’s had failures which any normally brilliant person would deny or cry about, but she? Well she just embraces those failures and laughs at them saying how stupid she was and works f*king hard to get over these failures day by day. She hates to be underestimated and loves to make her frenemies jealous.

She can be misunderstood quite easily but once you look deep inside her soul, she is as pure and as flawless as a normal person can certainly not be.

She wants to live and travel till her last breath but is bounded by invisible strings that she and only she can ever break. She works hard day and night, being a perfect daughter, a great girlfriend and an amazing sister.

She knows more than she says. She aches more than she lets on. She is an epitome of “perfection and perseverance”. She makes her decisions crystal clear and doesn’t look back in her life to repent. She tries to make people happy but behaves like she’s just being herself and that she doesn’t give a damn. She has a very annoying sister who is a lazy ass but still loves that sister unconditionally.

She’s fat but yet pretty in a way every fat girl would want to be. All her “friends” ever did with her was be jealous of her for her success. Her so called well wishers- aunties and uncles tried to make her unconfident over and over again. She heard ’em all and Is unfortunately still bearing them. She breaks friendships not because she’s a bitch but because she knows better than to fill her peer group with toxic people. She’s called unfriendly not because she is ignorant but because she learnt a very important life lesson at just the age of 21 of moving on and forgetting people who don’t matter in the long run.

She’s so misunderstood that anyone else could die but she? Well she knew better than to die for the assumptions made by stupid people who know absolutely nothing about her, even though they claimed to know her “all to well”.

This person is an angel in the form of an elder sister I’m blessed with.

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  1. myfate18 says:

    She is perfect😎

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    1. Arushi says:

      Of course you know that. 😉


  2. Aastha Sinha says:

    I’m really not finding words to describe what this has made me feel and how well you have described me without me ever realizing that I’m really making the difference I wish to always!❤️

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    1. Arushi says:

      😘well I wanted you to realize this but you know, some things are better written than spoken bruh

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  3. Aastha Sinha says:

    Reblogged this on aasthasinha and commented:
    Forever grateful for my precious ❤️

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    1. Arushi says:


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