Why should Youngadults be generous?

Nowadays everyone wants to do something big, something unheard of and something that’s able to create an impact in this world. Why? Because we think that making an impact makes us famous, happier and maybe rich in some cases. As selfish as it sounds, it’s the truth. There are very less people who practice gratitude or participate in community service out of interest, the rest basically do these things for their own selfishness. Before when the colleges and companies didn’t care about our generosity, I highly doubt that more than 1-2% young adults in this world used to indulge in these noble activities. The reason in increased participation is our C.V. This really sounds bad but when you look at it there is a positive side to it. People are starting to like serving the unprivileged and even though they are doing this stuff for their C.V, it is greatly helping the people who are unprivileged.

It’s very easy to criticise those who are doing all this out of selfishness but what about those who aren’t doing this at all? They are the ones who need to be taught to be generous. It seems cliché to teach people the feeling of generosity but in a world like the one we are living today, we need to make people generous since they are our future and if they aren’t generous then there will be “middle class” as the gap between the rich and poor will increase and serving the people will become a thing that only the purest of souls do.

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