Definition of failure

To be honest I always wondered as a kid as to why all of us fail. Please do Notice I wrote all and not some, the reason why we all fail is because we care too much about others’ opinion. We could literally erase the word failing from our life, but only if we know about ourselves and are certain about our own thoughts. We only fail because we don’t truly believe in our ability to succeed. If you’re certain about your ability to succeed then nothing can stop you from succeeding. The process of trying again and again with greater enthusiasm and determination is what is success. Failing on the other hand refers to “not being satisfied with the end results “. We think success is opposite of failure, but no guys, success is the process which requires regular failure. Failing isn’t a sin, it isn’t bad, in fact, it only ensures that you are on the correct path in your career.

Nowadays people get influenced by others’ (basically their haters) and change the definition of failure. They stop dreaming, they think they’ll fail even before they’ve tried! Like why? If the Great Indian author, Chetan Bhagat can be a below average student in 10th with about 70% and still clear IIT and IIM, with his strong determination, then why do we think that we’re any less?

I’ll tell you the truth. Believe it or not, you all can thrive and achieve your dreams and you are blessed with an amazing life, so stop wasting this time you’ve got to live by fearing to fail, for failure is inevitable if you ever wanna succeed.


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