Book Name- Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Author- John Gray

Rating- 5/5

Genre- Self Help

I think that this novel has a unique idea about the psychological differences between men and women. Though we don’t get the exact reason behind these differences, yet the way in which the author presents the differences is unimaginable and relatable. Who would have thought that Gray would explain the difference in the way of thinking of men and women by claiming men to be Marsians (people from mars) ans women to be Venusians (people from Venus). In this book, there are various topics discussed, basically on why the opposite gender acts the way it does? for instance, why do most women fantasize about romance while most men are fascinated with cars and video games. Of course there might be exceptions to these facts. This book only gives an overview of the behaviour of about 80% of people.

I think it’s a must read for all people in relationships. And if you’re not in a relationship then it’s even better as you’ll know how to face the opposite gender in different situations.

This book was suggested by one of my followers on Mad Bookishness and it seemed a little weird by the name. And it seems ironical, considering I just called the name weird, yet this name only influenced me to read it.

Guys, I actually reposted this post from my other blog, Mad Bookishness, I’d like to know if you’d like me to review books on this site or on mad bookishness?

Thank you!

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    And I am from Earth lol 😂…

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