What’s the right question?

Whenever I wanna do something new or something rare then I ask ” How do I do this?” That’s a pretty popular response to a new problem. It’s not because I don’t know how to do it, it’s because I don’t believe myself enough to just get on with it. I always doubt myself before doing something that’s completely new or very rare, which is okay. There is not problem if you doubt yourself in these circumstances given that you’re asking the right question.

What do I mean? How can a question be right? A question is a question, there is no right or wrong there when you ask a question, right?

Well no. There are certain conditions in which you should know which question is the right question to ask. In other words, knowing which question leads to the answer you want is very important. So then what is the right question? How can we get out of a problem? Well let us replace the “how” with a “why”.

If you ask yourself before doing anything that why do you want to do it then you’ll get to the depth of your intentions as well as be more confident than you’ve ever been about the situation. While ask yourself the question, don’t lie to yourself ’cause this question is an important one and most of the time the truthful answer to this question comes out something which we’d rather not think about. If you wanna start a business, ask yourself why do you wanna start a business. Is it because of money, or fame or is it because you want to do something of your own. If you wanna quit your college education then ask yourself why. Is it because you’re running away from studies, or friends, or is it because you have a great plan that you want to implement but can’t wait till your college finishes. The level of satisfaction that you get on answering your own questions is something totally subjective.

It’s not important to be passionate about what your doing ( since passion isnt something you’ll figure out soon if you’re among those 90% frustrated people) but it’s very important to be sure about the intentions behind what you’re doing.

I try to apply this concept in my life as well. And it sure as hell has helped me to a great extent by making me realise the consequences of my rash decisions.

Thank you!

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